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With a wealth of experience in accounting, finance, and consulting, our leadership team delivers exceptional results for our clients and provides the strategic vision for Riveron.

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Kent Chambless
Oyin Oke
Isabelle Bordas
Chris Canson
Alessandro Ambrosio
Brad Webster
Mark Haney
Linda Orton
Patrick Pilch
April Scee
Scott Robinson
Ian Maxwell
Sarah Kieffer
Mike Smith
Bob Wagner
Guido Haus
Sylvain Dominici
Hamish de Freitas
Brian Slucki
Kevin Dudiak
Scott Hale
Rick Kapp
Rick Gonzalez
Erica Hageman
Tony Ciotti
Jay Turchin
Mark Fischer
Stephen Potter
Jeff Bernstein
Mark Cox
Susan Boykas
Vinicius Oliveira
Ellen Scipta
Anand Raghu
Lotfi Maroizy
Mark Jistel
Alan Fralick
Sarah Anyieth
Norm Lieu
Matthew Novak
Joni Konstantelos
Jeremy Apple
Steve Adams
Dan Fishman
Kurt Hedderich
Daniel Schultz
Andrew Bekker
Todd Camm
George Thies
Neal McDonald
Gene Raffone
Stewart Campbell
Tim Andre
Todd Cilio
Oren Azar
Sam Shaw
Raheel Patel
Stuart Noyes
Dalton Edgecomb
Rob Hubbard
John Llewellyn
Jeffrey Horine
Shaun Martin
David Anders
Mike Dunkle
Gary Barton
Julie Howard
Eric Markovich
Justin Carter
Oscar Durham
Don MacKenzie
Harve Light
Lynne Long
Jeff Zappone
Jabier Arbeloa
Michael Correra
Rob Denious
Aurelio Garcia-Miro
Paul Jansen
Glenn Kushiner
David Nolletti
John Pencak
Jeffrey Perea
Walter Popiel
Aaron Racey
Paul Share
Tim Stallkamp
Robert Wagstaff
Steven Wybo
Jesse York
Patrick Garrett
Anne Heffington
Ankur Mittal
Mike Funkey
Josh Bier
Adrian Sawczuk
Ryan Kimbro
Michelle Kuhr
Jim Hines
Jonathan Ford
Greg Carlson
Richard Hatley
Drew Niehaus
Helen Mason
Sasha Morozova
Chris Andrea
Brent Fisher
Ryan Gamble
Tony Doesburg
Julia Gacek
Ozan Gursel
Matt Bender
Chaitan Fahnestock
Landon Smith
Alex Benanti
Jason von Holstein
Ben Younger
Brett Thames
Ellen Smith
Doug Noon
Collin Moore
Zac McGinnis
Michelle Laitinen
Damon Kade
Nate Heeren
Stephen Hamilton
Scott Gorrell
Todd Follett
David Dollinger
Michael Cahill
Andy Baker
Lacy Lange

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Building our Leadership Team

We believe that cultivating a leadership team with diverse outlooks, cultures, and perspectives is paramount to the growth and development of our firm. We strive to achieve this by way of who we hire, our commitment to openness, and with internal initiatives, programs, and employee resource groups. At Riveron, we strive to foster an inclusive, diverse, and open environment that inspires and honors the contributions of all the people with whom we work.

Riveron Supports DEI Programs

A Word from our Leaders

Riveron fosters a collaborative environment for clients and prospects to engage with our diversely talented subject matter experts to tackle the challenges and growth initiatives of today and tomorrow.

At Riveron, I am given the opportunity to work with talented people and continuously develop the Tax Advisory practice to better serve our diverse group of clients.

Riveron is a place where teaming, energy, and enthusiasm are part of everyone’s DNA. This creates a unique culture where professionals feel supported and encouraged to reach their full potential while solving our clients’ most complex business challenges.

Riveron is a people-first company with exceptional talent that helps drive transformative initiatives for the clients we serve. I could not be more proud to be part of this team and to work with our clients every day.

The CFO’s office is quickly becoming the clearing house for environmental and social issues that drive growth and valuation. Riveron is perfectly positioned to help our Client CFO’s navigate this new reality.

Riveron focuses on practical solutions that deliver lasting value to our clients’ company and culture. We hope this ultimately has a positive impact on the communities in which we collectively live, work, and play.

Riveron’s unique capabilities and top-notch talent across strategic, operational, and financial spectrum helps drive growth, profitability and corporate value creation for our clients, their investors/shareholders, and boards of directors.

I joined a Riveron comprised of approximately 25 employees in one office. The growth and change since then is phenomenal – the caliber of professionals attracted, locations launched, and overall evolution – it has been quite the experience.

Riveron is a truly unique advisory firm. We are a blend of finance and accounting professionals, consultants, and former company managers, who really roll up our sleeves to help deliver practical solutions to our clients’ most critical objectives.

Riveron is a multi-disciplinary firm that provides practical solutions that deliver value to our clients. Our entrepreneurial culture drives us to innovate and draw upon the breadth and depth of our expertise to bring high-quality, curated offerings to help the finance functions of organizations solve their complex problems.

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