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With a wealth of experience in accounting, finance and consulting, our leadership team delivers exceptional results for our clients and provides the strategic vision for Riveron.

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Ryan Kimbro
Michelle Kuhr
Jim Hines
Keith Bown
Jonathan Ford
Greg Carlson
Vipul Barbhaya
Richard Hatley
Jamie Hunter
Paul Donnell
Gary Bedsole
Jeffrey Kranzel
Anand Raghuraman
Jason Gandy
Melanie Dreyer
Scott Norris
Aditya Mehta
Ian McCracken
Kap Krupchak
Drew Niehaus
Helen Mason
Sasha Morozova
Chris Andrea
David Marquardt
Mark Gomez
Steve Manko
David Ufheil
Brent Fisher
Scott Mell
Ryan Gamble
Michelle Kaihani
Tony Doesburg
Udit Sharma
Julia Gacek
David Brink
Ozan Gursel
Ryan Senter
Matt Bender
Dana Donahoe
Chaitan Fahnestock
Landon Smith
Alex Benanti
Jason von Holstein
Ben Younger
Tim Wallace
Nonye Thompson
Mike Traeger
Sufiana Tian
Brett Thames
Greg Stevens
Ellen Smith
Junaid Samnani
Chris Quinn
Doug Noon
Collin Moore
Tanya Miller
Zac McGinnis
James Lee
Michelle Laitinen
Chris Klopotek
Damon Kade
Nate Heeren
Stephen Hamilton
Scott Gorrell
Corey Gebert
Todd Follett
Chris Featherstone
Chris Durbin
David Dollinger
Shaq Dastur
Mark Cox
Nathan Childers
Michael Cahill
Andy Baker
Bill Maloney
John Iwanski
Ed Applegate
Doug Mills
Lacy Lange
Kreg Nichols

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Riveron has experienced tremendous growth. We will go wherever it takes to meet our clients’ needs, through adding offices, adding capabilities, and most importantly, continuing to add top notch talent.