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For many within the engineering and construction industry, the wait for government stimulus, new legislation, tax credits, or loosened project budgets can result in risk and uncertainty. These challenges are more acutely felt in periods of economic distress, when large-scale projects are placed on the backburner or incur greater costs than initially planned. In this climate, industry operators may contend with consolidation, as they look to maximize value and grow the bottom line.

We have extensive experience working with general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, lenders, sureties, government agencies, trade unions, and project owners across all major specialties, including power and industrials, transportation and infrastructure, energy, government, and more. Our seasoned team is here to assist with developing and executing a proactive strategy for both healthy and distressed contractors and their constituents. We also specialize in helping contractors raise capital to expand, look for a buyer, or acquire assets.

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