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Riveron SASB Index

As part of our efforts to disclose on the sustainability topics that are most material to our business, Riveron aims to align with the most recent Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Professional & Commercial Services standard. All data referenced in this report is from CY 2022. We plan to update these figures on a periodic basis.

Professional & Commercial Services




Data Security Description of approach to identifying and addressing data security risks Our internal Information Security Policy describes our approach to managing data security. Part of that approach includes conducting periodic risk assessments to identify, quantify, and prioritize risks that could affect the company. Additionally, our employees complete annual training on cybersecurity awareness.

We have a Security Incident Response Plan which provides a framework for effective incident response.

Description of policies and practices relating to collection, usage, and retention of customer information Riveron’s Privacy Policy contains a description of our privacy practices and use of personal information.

Our internal Data Destruction and Sanitation Policy addresses proper destruction processes for Riveron Data residing on Company Computer Resources prior to their disposal and client project information residing on Company infrastructure. The policy’s aim is to reduce the risk of security breaches and inappropriate information disclosure. The policy applies to all Riveron staff and is available at all times on the Company intranet site.

(1) Number of data breaches, (2) percentage involving customers’ confidential business information (CBI) or personally identifiable information (PII), (3) number of customers affected While we do not currently report this data, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our clients’ information. Our data privacy and information security policies and programs are designed to comply with data privacy laws and align with best practices.
Workforce Diversity & Engagement Percentage of gender and racial/ethnic group

representation for (1) executive management

and (2) all other employees

While we do not currently report this data, Riveron takes DEI seriously and has taken meaningful steps towards this commitment in 2022 by hiring a dedicated DEI Manager who oversees the implementation of our company initiative.
(1) Voluntary and (2) involuntary turnover rate for employees We do not report an aggregate annual turnover rate as that information is confidential.
Employee engagement as a percentage While Riveron does not currently have an employee engagement figure to share, we take employee engagement and satisfaction seriously and launched our formal employee engagement survey in May 2023.
Professional Integrity Description of approach to ensuring

professional integrity

Our Employee Handbook, our Conflicts Policy and Insider Trading Policy outline expected employee behavior.

Our employees also complete regular Global Business Ethics, Conflict of Interest, and Insider Trading trainings.

Total amount of monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with professional


Riveron has not incurred monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with professional integrity.


Activity Metric

Number of employees by: (1) full-time and part-time, (2) temporary, and (3) contract 733 employees; 724 are considered full-time; 7 part-time and 208 contract employees
Employee hours worked, percentage billable Riveron does not report total number of employee hours worked or percentage billable as that is confidential information.
Last updated 2023

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