Debt Offerings

When companies are searching for a source of financing to fund growth, debt offerings can be a compelling option but come with their own unique challenges. Riveron will advise you on the complexities and execute across all aspects of the process to ensure a successful offering becomes reality.

Riveron brings the subject matter expertise to effectively create and facilitate a comprehensive offering plan that fits a company’s desired timeline. Unlike equity offerings, debt offerings allow companies to access capital in a relatively cost effective and efficient way without giving up control of the company or having to disclose financial information publicly. Riveron blends our project management, technical accounting, operations, and transaction expertise to accomplish the accounting and finance initiatives needed to complete an efficient and successful offering.

Within debt offerings, we provide the following services:

  • Comfort letters assistance
  • Private placements support – 144a
  • LTM pro forma model and disclosures assistance
  • Ratio of debt-to-income calculation
  • Project management
  • Offering memorandum assistance
  • Due diligence process support

Riveron is not a CPA firm.

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