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Our people are at the heart of our unique culture.  With programs focused on health and well-being, development and training, employee resource groups, networking and social events, and community service, we actively continue to enrich life at Riveron.

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Especially as a new mom of two under two, work-life balance is more important to me than ever. I am able to keep that balance at Riveron!

Alexandria Halls

Marketing Manager

I joined Riveron about two years ago and I keep thinking the honeymoon phase will come to an end, but that is not the case. Riveron genuinely cares about the success and wellbeing of employees, their families, and clients. Collaboration and having each other’s backs is the thread that makes this all work!

Billie ‘Akau’ola
Senior Associate, Chicago

I’m extremely thankful to be a part of such a great company with a winning culture. My journey at Riveron has been an extremely phenomenal experience since day one.

Michael Okpala
Technology Enablement Solution Consultant

A diverse work culture brings together people of both common ground and differences that can lead to great conversations. I do believe the coming together of different minds leads to some wonderfully thought-out decisions.

Cindy Nge
Executive Assistant

A Riveron milestone that I am proud of is my involvement in the establishment of the Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) offering. The progress that the GRC team has made in the past few months from creating marketing collateral, communicating its services, and bringing in talent has been remarkable to be a part of.

Ryan Geary

Business Development Manager

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Riveron attracts the best and brightest people from diverse backgrounds who are looking to apply their entrepreneurial spirit and skills to solving client challenges and collaborating with cross-functional teams.