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Careers at Riveron: Spotlight on Financial Advisory Projects

Finance and accounting professionals across Riveron share recent career highlights, including unique growth opportunities and the value delivered to clients.

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Riveron partners with our clients to elevate performance and expand possibilities—and we provide the same opportunities for our people. With projects spanning capital markets, M&A transactions, and complex accounting, our teams work at the center of the latest business trends and activity. Riveron’s finance and accounting professionals bring client possibilities to life and share project highlights that have enriched their careers:

Gained a behind-the-scenes view of the IPO process:

Katrina Roberts, Senior Associate, Dallas  

“As part of my client’s initial public offering (IPO) initiative, I had the responsibility of evaluating and drafting responses to the SEC’s comments on the company’s initial confidential Form S-1, which is an important first step that registers a private company so it can become publicly traded.

At this point in my career, I never expected I’d have the chance to engage fairly directly with the regulators in this way, while also working alongside management, attorneys, and investment bankers involved this type of transaction. This experience pulled back the curtain for me so I could learn how the IPO process really works.”

Hear more from Katrina in this video.

Tackled merger-related accounting issues for a multibillion-dollar company:

Walker Robertson, Senior Associate, Houston

“Over the course of six months, I had the opportunity to manage a project and solve complex M&A accounting issues arising from a multibillion-dollar merger transaction as part of an initiative to take a client’s organization from being public to being privately held.

I worked alongside the company’s accounting and finance executives, supported by Riveron’s subject matter experts. Being able to tackle problems affecting almost every facet of the business was not only rewarding but has been an incredible learning experience along the way. This experience —along with our team’s hands-on, problem-solving approach— has given me valuable insight into the real estate technology sector and the world of strategic acquisitions.”

Provided a fresh perspective on existing processes and control gaps, preparing a company to be publicly held:

Michelle Patten, Associate Director, Chicago

“I worked closely with a client that sought to more deeply understand their business processes and internal controls over financial reporting. The company wanted to gauge the effort to tighten up controls and enhance their documentation in case of an eventual IPO and a requirement to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).

Our team facilitated in-depth process discussions to understand the flow of information from initiation to recording. Using that basis, we informed the CFO and accounting team about effective controls and how the business should retain its documentation. This approach would allow the organization to operate successfully in an envisioned future state as a public company subject to SOX requirements.

Throughout my career in risk and compliance, it is always rewarding to work with new companies in different industries and educate their teams on the requirements of SOX, and to define the effort they’d have ahead of them to comply.”

Worked with a dynamic team including senior leadership and garnered significant capital markets experience:

Chris King, Manager, Dallas

“My current client is going through the IPO process, having started a few months ago by filing a confidential Form S-1. During this project, I worked directly with the CFO, subject matter experts, and senior company leaders. The project team and I were responsible for addressing key technical accounting issues as well as drafting pro-forma financial statements and management discussion and analysis (MD&A) which helps tell the story of a company’s performance.

Being deeply involved in the construction of the Form S-1 gave me the opportunity to engage with upper management and key stakeholders at a level that I had not previously encountered. The capital markets experience I have gained on this engagement has been invaluable for my career, and this type of work sets a company up for new possibilities by entering the capital markets, so I know the client is very grateful for our contributions.

After the filing, the CFO showed his appreciation by hosting a virtual celebration with Riveron’s team to thank us for our work efforts.”

Helped a rapidly growing client with purchase accounting:

Jenn Braden, Associate Director, Chicago

“During one accounting advisory engagement, a client had executed multiple acquisitions during the same year. This meant the company didn’t have the in-house bandwidth to properly evaluate the acquisitions under the purchase accounting guidance or complete the opening balance sheets.

Our team completed the purchase accounting work for the client. Then, we assisted with the integration of these newly acquired entities into the existing financial reporting structure.

This project was especially rewarding as our team was able to educate the client on the impacts of purchase accounting and the application of the guidance throughout the project, and we assisted their team in a hands-on way during a difficult transition when they really needed support.”

Collaborated with a CFO and key parties to prepare for a SPAC transaction:

MV Henry, Manager, Atlanta

“As my client began the path to contemplate a public filing as well as potential SPAC transaction, I advised on the financial statement uplift needed to comply with regulatory standards established by the SEC.

Working with a rapidly growing business and lean management team, I was able to operate alongside the CFO in efforts to refine and scale the accounting and finance function as well as learn their unique business. The project involved weekly interactions with private equity sponsors, C-suite executives, audit partners, investment bankers, SEC counsel, corporate development professionals, and Riveron’s experts to help work through a complex go-public effort in an accelerated timeframe.

I assisted in drafting the MD&A section of the potential public filing to highlight the company’s story and illustrate its growth trajectory in order to attract investors. It has been a great experience to work alongside multiple parties throughout the transaction process with significant visibility and connection to key decision-makers in these roles.”

Applied complex accounting concepts to a trailblazing client’s new business model:

Tom Critelli, Associate Director, Dallas

“As my client innovates in the buy-now, pay-later marketplace, they continue to raise interesting technical accounting questions that I am not sure have been explored before.

It is very challenging to take new concepts like this one —how to pay for retail goods after purchase utilizing a third-party that did not exist even a few years ago— and apply established accounting guidance to that scenario, knowing the guidance remains relevant but was designed with a more traditional business in mind.

It’s exciting work to be able to talk to the client to understand their innovative business, then liaison with Riveron’s experts on various accounting standards to develop a methodology to account for something brand new. Taking part in this niche project allowed me to experience and tap into the knowledge and expertise our professionals possess across Riveron.”

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