Buy-Side Diligence

Identifying the associated risks and opportunities of a target company is critical to a successful transaction. Riveron helps strategic and financial investors through a comprehensive analysis of the financial and operational landscape.

Throughout the transaction lifecycle, Riveron’s senior-level advisors take a hands-on approach to assessing all potential challenges and value drivers related to a target company. We evaluate the quality of historical earnings and working capital underlying a deal’s critical valuation metrics and assess its corporate governance and financial reporting environment. Riveron is not restricted with the regulatory conflicts facing public accounting firms, enabling our teams to take a deeper dive into the transaction process alongside our clients.

Beyond Quality of Earnings

Before participating in any transaction, it is not only necessary to understand the target company’s quality of earnings, but also the quality of revenue, tax considerations, and potentially the operational and functional opportunities and risks. We are flexible in our approach to buy-side due diligence, and recognize that buyers may need everything from a limited scope quality of earnings report, to a fully integrated due diligence on the buy side which brings together classic QoE, IT, HR, confirmatory tax, and operational diligence. Our teams are constructed to ensure there is a single project leader who is deeply involved and guides a team custom tailored to meet the needs of the various stakeholders.

By Your Side From Start to Finish

Our services extend beyond the moment the deal is closed, as well. In addition to our buy-side advisory capabilities, you can count on us to provide opening balance sheet and purchase accounting support, integration services, and ongoing post-close solutions as needed. Our goal is to ensure the entire process is as seamless for you as possible.

Our buy-side transaction services offerings include:

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