Lender Services

Investing in companies that are growing via expansion or acquisitions can carry a varied amount of risk, whether there are increasing working capital requirements or underperformance. Riveron works with our clients to evaluate collateral and other underlying fundamentals to help ensure these investments create great opportunities for safe, lucrative returns.

Working with lenders, Riveron performs due diligence, field exam services and comprehensive forecast reviews to highlight the risks and opportunities associated with the growth, working capital requirements or underperformance of target companies. Our lender services are also customized to provide due diligence for both cash-flow and asset-based investment products in a single engagement.

Our lender services offerings include:

Asset-based lending services

  • Field exams and new investment surveys
  • Loan opportunity evaluation
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Loan reporting improvement
  • Performance improvement

Cash-Flow Lending Services

  • Quality of earnings reviews
  • Trend analysis
  • Cash flow assessments
  • Forecast review
  • Financial reporting improvement
  • Performance improvement

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