Insights > Riveron Announces Launch of VUE by Riveron, an Automated Reporting Solution for Private Equity Portfolio Companies

Riveron Announces Launch of VUE by Riveron, an Automated Reporting Solution for Private Equity Portfolio Companies

Innovative Service Solution from the Leading Business Advisory Firm Extracts and Integrates Financial and Operational Data to Create ‘Single Source of Truth’

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE), April 6, 2023 — Riveron, a national business advisory firm, announced today the launch of VUE by Riveron, an automated reporting solution that integrates and transforms private equity portfolio company data to create “one source of truth” for key financial and management reporting metrics. Built on Riveron’s expertise supporting over 350 private equity firms and more than 600 portfolio companies during 2022, the innovative service solution leverages simple, low-code platforms to automate the extraction and integration of disparate financial and operational data from existing systems.

“With VUE by Riveron, our portfolio company clients are able to elevate their decision-making processes with dynamic and informed insights that empower them to navigate a turbulent financial landscape,” said Riveron Managing Director Eric Markovich. “Our simple-to-implement yet powerful solution enables portfolio companies to streamline reporting and drive value in real-time, providing private equity owners clear visibility into the company’s operational and financial performance.”

Private equity portfolio companies face critical challenges in addressing reporting and decision-making processes during the investment hold period, including legacy ERP (enterprise resource planning) deficiencies and a lack of integration across critical business applications. VUE by Riveron eliminates these obstacles by leveraging intuitive platforms allowing Riveron’s team of highly skilled professionals to set up the solution in weeks and reduce report production to minutes without changing existing client technology. This also makes it easy for client teams to utilize and maintain.

“Riveron’s industry-leading service solution can pull together financial and operational data from multiple sources, delivering real-time dashboards that bring transformative insights to our portfolio company clients,” said Riveron Senior Managing Director Jonathan Ford. “With this one-time investment, clients gain repeatable, automated workflows and self-service analytical capabilities that provide them with optimal performance visibility.”

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