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ESG Consulting

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data and disclosure are becoming a larger component in many investors’ decisions as they seek to minimize investment risk, while companies strive to maximize responsiveness to stakeholders on the most relevant ESG topics to their business. Companies that want to appeal to investors need ESG consulting that enables them to clearly communicate their value in every respect.

Effectively communicating ESG data and initiatives is the gold standard in today’s highly competitive global investment community. But the nuances of effective ESG communications are not easily mastered, and the best practices change continuously as the issues evolve.

Companies need ESG consulting expertise rooted in deep, fundamental knowledge of effective ESG goals and strategy, material ESG metrics, and verifiable ESG data. Given the dynamic nature of investor expectations and regulatory rules, consultants with a strong ESG history are invaluable to navigating the future and keeping your ESG narrative on point to drive a deeper understanding of the corporate sustainability practices that can reduce investment risk.

Our long-standing track record of helping companies seamlessly integrate ESG data into mainstream financial reporting is hard to rival. Senior-led, research-driven counsel, deep capital markets and ESG expertise, and forward-thinking vision shape the ESG goals we help you set and the story we help you tell through high-impact ESG communications. No matter where you stand in your ESG journey, you can leverage proven ESG consulting advice that will move you forward and help you capitalize on the full value of current and future ESG plans.

ESG Services

Peer Benchmarking & Gap Analysis

An important aspect of ESG reporting is benchmarking, which involves comparing ESG metrics and disclosures to other companies. This provides insights into how a company’s efforts stack up to their competitors and where there may be gaps in the company’s disclosures.


ESG Disclosures and CSR Report

Building the right ESG policies and disclosures are essential for communicating a company’s progress to investors and improving ESG scores from ratings agencies. Companies that clearly define their ESG goals and disclose the path to achieve such commitments can create a competitive advantage and connect more deeply with stakeholders, unlocking additional value from their ESG initiatives.


ESG Reporting Readiness

To provide high-quality data and disclosures that meet stakeholder expectations, companies need to assess and improve their ESG reporting practices. Identify gaps in reporting, implement best practices, and build a strong foundation for ESG reporting that supports the company’s long-term success.


Climate Risk Consulting

As companies comply with the SEC’s climate disclosure rule, the pressure to report climate data and verification is growing. Reporting climate-related data, such as scopes 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions, enables companies to comply with requests from regulators, investors, and customers as the demand for climate-related disclosure increases.


Proxy Advisory

Companies can leverage the proxy as a vehicle to elevate shareholder communications. As more companies include ESG information in the proxy, rely on ESG and proxy advisory experts to up your disclosures to shareholders.


A broad spectrum of expertise

Our ESG services have assisted clients across a wide range of industries. We serve businesses in the aerospace and defense, automotive, business services, financial services, food and beverage, health care, hospitality, leisure, manufacturing, professional services, retail, software, and technology industries, among others. From energy to real estate to consumer products and more, we offer the benefits of our expertise and deep ESG knowledge to help companies in these arenas craft their strategies efficiently and effectively.

Needless to say, our clients have a wide range of needs and goals when it comes to their ESG efforts. Depending on the company, the most material ESG topics can vary. Some industries may have a heavier focus on environmental-related issues, while others may require an emphasis on social- and governance-related issues.

Nevertheless, the deep understanding we have of all our clientele means we can tailor our services to meet their precise needs. Regardless of the specifics, we deliver comprehensive knowledge that ensures our clients reach their objectives.

What Are ESG Consultants?

ESG consultants are experts in ESG strategy, providing clients with guidance to help them successfully implement relevant programs and adhere to the appropriate reporting standards. Because they bring extensive knowledge of the various ESG frameworks, ratings, and issues, these individuals can be indispensable in helping companies make sense of their obligations to stakeholders and build a successful program. These experts can be extremely helpful for companies striving to execute an ESG strategy and communicate progress to investors, regulators, employees, customers, and suppliers.

Selecting the right ESG consultants for your business

When reviewing your options for ESG consulting expertise, it is crucial to take a close look at the firm’s experience and capabilities. For example, it’s important to find out if the firm adheres to one of the many recognized frameworks, such as the Task Force for Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), or the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It’s also a good idea to make sure the firm you choose has professional certifications such as from the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) or CDP. If possible, the consultants should be able to share a published services approach with you that outlines exactly how they will work with you.

Of course, having specific industry experience and a proven track record of success with other clients similar to your company should tell you a lot about how the consulting firm you choose will deliver results.

Connect with Riveron

Through a diagnostic deep dive into your program, we help you put your best foot forward. We also closely examine your shareholder base to ascertain their proxy voting tendencies and assess your current shareholder engagement plan. You also can depend on our expertise to help you craft your ESG website, ESG report, and supplementary materials.

With our comprehensive advisory solutions at your disposal, you can ensure your ESG data and initiatives are being disclosed as effectively as possible.

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