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Today’s energy landscape is marked by extreme volatility, as supply chain disruption, geopolitical developments, and shifting demand cause reverberations across the entire industry. With the advent of new technology changing the way that companies store and distribute energy and monitor its consumption, those within the industry must decide whether to stay ahead of the disruption or be left behind. Regardless of where your company stands within the energy ecosystem—exploration and production, midstream infrastructure, oil field services, power generation, coal, or renewables—one thing is clear: Change is constant in the energy industry, and market participants must continually adapt to survive and thrive.

We are at the forefront of the energy industry and stand ready to assist clients with the challenges and opportunities inherent in today’s ever-changing market. We bring energy companies an uncommon agility when applying our restructuring, turnaround, performance improvement, finance, accounting, and operational solutions to accelerate the timeline and impact of change. Our experienced team members have sat on all sides of the table and are adept at guiding energy participants through all stages of the business lifecycle, in both healthy and distressed situations. We understand the unique challenges the energy industry faces and partner with our clients to achieve exceptional results.

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