Perception Study

Whether your company is a startup or a publicly traded conglomerate, investors’ thoughts and ideas matter. If a strategic shift is in the works or your company’s strategy will become more acquisitive, a perception study can be used to gauge how any transition might impact investor sentiment.

Perception studies should be a regular component of your investor relations program. Even if your company generally has a good relationship with investors, conducting a perception study utilizing outside counsel can glean essential feedback. Without them, investors’ thoughts left unsaid may impact relationships, and ultimately, your company’s equity valuation.

What is the purpose of a perception study?

An investor perception study is designed to allow investors to provide their perspective on your company’s strategies, progress, and even its financial standing. This is best achieved when senior counsel with company-specific expertise design the questions and interact with investors to gain insight and information. We do extensive research to formulate questions that investors may not have even considered. The answers can provide critical information regarding how a new strategy would be perceived, allowing management to make more informed decisions that are proactive rather than reactive.

When to undertake an investor perception study?

There are a multitude of scenarios for which conducting a perception study would be most prudent. Here are three very common scenarios:

If your company is planning a transition of any type that will change investor perceptions (new strategies, management changes, long-term goals or targets, acquisitions).

If a transformative event has failed to spark investor interest and you have not determined why and need to deep-dive into what is really happening.

On a regular basis to determine whether investors’ needs have changed regarding, for example, environmental, social, or governance concerns.

The benefits of leveraging expertise

To achieve the best results, experienced professionals should conduct your investor perception study. Senior counsel with unique skillsets and expertise will develop the right questions to get investors to share thoughts about the matters most relevant to your management team. Every study is an opportunity and you do not want to miss the mark when it comes to opening the lines of communication with investors.

Seeking the right investor perception study services

If you are looking to maximize the impact of your investor perception study, Clermont Partners will provide the high-level insight and support you are seeking. Organizations that work with us gain the ability to interact with a team of professionals who first will help you determine whether a perception study is ideal, and if so, will work with you to execute it. We make research-based recommendations that enhance the investor perception study to ensure optimal participation and feedback for the study.

We have the experienced, senior counsel who will help you create new opportunities within investor communications. We also work closely with companies to properly set up these studies to ensure the highest level of success. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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