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Riveron Mentorship Program: Bring a Chair

Last fall, Riveron launched a program called Bring a Chair in partnership with Riveron’s internal employee resource group, RiverWIN. Bring a Chair is a mentorship program dedicated to providing mentees with access to leadership coaching, professional development opportunities, and internal network building.

We sought feedback from two program participants and asked them to share their experiences within the program and discuss the importance of mentorship in their lives.

“Good mentors provide invaluable coaching suited to your individual career goals.”

Why did you choose to be part of this program?

Sarah: Apart from great work experience, mentorship has been one of the most impactful tools for my personal development. You can’t beat having a coach in your corner. While improving, there are still not enough women leaders in consulting. To further progress toward equal representation in leadership, we must invest in developing women into future leaders. Mentorship is one of the best professional development strategies, and I’m happy to see that Riveron is providing this opportunity to the women here.

Beth: I really made a lot of missteps in my career (at all levels) because I didn’t have a great set of mentors. I wasn’t smart enough to find them, and there weren’t very many women at senior levels in my field to help. I remain frustrated with the lack of women leaders across organizations, and particularly women with big outside lives who can’t get to the highest echelons of leadership. I will do anything in my power to change leadership from a few token diverse leaders to a really balanced team with diversity of thought and experiences.

What are some of the benefits of mentorship?

Sarah: Good mentors provide invaluable coaching suited to your individual career goals. Their experience helps you navigate unique situations in ways that generic professional development training can’t. The support of an accomplished ally accelerates your growth and provides tools to own and elevate your career.

Beth: As a lifelong learner, mentoring teaches me how to do my job better. I am constantly surprised by other people’s insights into things that I think I know in and out. I am constantly learning from mentees. And, these discussions allow me to understand more deeply what emerging talent is looking for, and struggling with, in their careers and the present working environment. Incorporating these insights into my leadership style results in a higher-performing and happier team.

What has been a notable moment during the mentorship experience?

Sarah: While in a previous operations role, I worked on the acquisition of Clermont Partners. From early on, I admired Beth’s accomplishments (she’s built and sold two businesses!) and her style, which is honest and assertive. Her partner Victoria is just as impressive. I recognized an opportunity to work with leaders who could teach me how to be a leader and asked to join their team. I’m so glad they said “yes!”

Beth: I am constantly amazed by how Sarah is able to synthesize facts so quickly and put them into action plans. She clarifies my thinking on so many issues, and I benefit as much (or more) from our partnership.

Riveron Mentorship Program: Bring a Chair

Beth Saunders

Co-Practice Leader, ESG

Riveron Mentorship Program: Bring a Chair 1

Sarah Lockett

Director, ESG

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