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Careers at Riveron: Spotlight on Business Performance Improvement

Business performance improvement professionals across Riveron share recent career highlights, including unique growth opportunities and the value delivered to clients.

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Riveron partners with our clients to elevate performance and expand possibilities—and we provide the same opportunities for our people. With projects spanning profit enhancement, integration services, and change management, our teams deliver solutions that grow revenue, manage costs, and optimize capital—even in highly complex business environments. Riveron’s business performance improvement professionals bring client possibilities to life and share project highlights that have enriched their careers:

Careers at Riveron: Spotlight on Business Performance Improvement 1

Guided a private equity firm through a unique acquisition integration and complex regulatory environment

Billie ‘Akau’ola, Director, Chicago

“At Riveron, I partner with private equity (PE) teams to integrate acquired companies. Recently, one PE firm had acquired four businesses that lab-tested cannabis, hemp, and CBD products, and I helped define the scope for the integration of these four businesses. This presented unique and challenging experience because the company’s cannabis products are not legal at the federal level while being highly regulated and subject to varying rules at state levels. The complexity drove an elongated closing period, during which our team put together a solid integration strategy and plan. Through a series of open forums, we were able to focus on sales, marketing, finance, accounting, purchasing, lab operations, logistics, and human resources, resulting in a well-defined and prioritized roadmap for the integration of these unique businesses.

I love working at Riveron because of the people. This is a place where everyone has each other’s backs and if you need help, the answer is yes—people will jump right in. Our teams are constantly creating, innovating, inspiring each other, and collaborating to deliver new solutions. Personally, I’m humbled and grateful for the resources that Riveron has provided, setting me up for success in my career. I feel truly fortunate and look forward to the future and whatever it brings. I’m here for the long haul.”

Careers at Riveron: Spotlight on Business Performance Improvement 2

Enabled scalable processes and managed a healthcare organization’s revenue cycle while cultivating team learnings

Richard Shi, Associate Director, Chicago

“Working at Riveron, I concentrate on business process improvements within healthcare as well as manufacturing and several other industries. My team’s goal is to help clients achieve higher profits through operational enhancements. One healthcare client, a rapidly growing physician practice group, completed many recent mergers and acquisitions and needed to ensure that operations could effectively handle billing and processing insurance claims. We evaluated revenue-cycle-management operations, which involved assessing the patient intake and billing processes for revenue leakage. We further worked to confirm that the company’s operations were able to support rapid growth efficiently while remaining profitable. Beyond process improvements, our team comprehensively looked at financial and data analytics and how technology enabled the organization to grow at the desired rate. The organization implemented our strategies and roadmaps with great results and return on investment.

It’s always great helping a client resolve business challenges and achieve better financial results. This engagement offered my team the ability to apply our expertise in a comprehensive way unique for the needs of a growing healthcare organization. Over the course of the project, seeing the growth of my team in learning new competencies as well as my own personal growth has been fantastic. It highlights one of the great benefits of working at Riveron: obtaining experience in many different functional areas and industries. For example, even though my concentration is healthcare consulting, that’s not all I do, and the variety of work here offers a lot for advancing my career. I also love working at Riveron because of the people—my colleagues are highly intelligent, hard-working, curious, and very interesting to be around. There’s never a dull moment.”

Careers at Riveron: Spotlight on Business Performance Improvement 3

Elevated CFO and company-wide impacts by reimagining budget, cash flow, and cash reporting strategies

Alex Wells, Associate Director, Dallas

“When companies strategically grow through acquisitions, good performance often depends on the CFO and finance teams having adequate visibility so they can guide good decision-making and ensure cash flow supports ongoing business needs. For finance teams, effective visibility usually is anchored to an assumption-based budget and effective cash flow management. Recently, I worked on a project in which my team helped a CFO and individuals across the entire organization succeed. Their annual budget was not assumption-based, so our team helped validate and rebuild the budget in one week and examined assumptions to guide the approach. We then shaped a more accurate forward-looking view by developing a 13-week cash flow and improving the company’s cash reporting. Our efforts strengthened the company’s visibility, which enabled the organization to successfully grow and prepare for additional acquisitions.

I found this project to be rewarding because I got to help the entire company move forward and expand. And working at Riveron, people do more than merely check in, there is an entire environment and culture where people across the firm have the ability to help others, which I love, and working here is never boring.”

Careers at Riveron: Spotlight on Business Performance Improvement 4

Worked with an energy-sector company to divest multiple entities and map each company’s path forward

Stefani Paulinelli, Senior Associate, Dallas

“Currently, I’m working on a divestiture for an energy client that purchased a company, and now has split it into three different entities with plans to sell each entity separately. When divesting, a path to good business performance should consider the company’s financial path ahead and how each entity will operate going forward. As this energy organization divested to become three entities, my team was responsible for creating each company’s new profile and financial statements so they can realize new possibilities.

I’ve gained exposure to an industry that I had not worked in previously and continue to learn throughout each aspect of these divestiture engagements. I love working at Riveron because of the incredible and intelligent people from whom I’ve gained exposure to new professional challenges, and meeting everyone in the Dallas office has been very rewarding.”

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