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The NEXT Guide: Defining the Path Forward

A Structured Approach to Realigning Your Strategy and Acting on Key Value Levers

The Next

The magnitude of the current disruption combined with the core health of the business will dictate the extent and speed at which you need to implement change. To help you chart a path forward, we offer a structured approach, with priorities and action items, to realign your strategy, act on key value levers, and address the complex associated accounting and tax considerations.

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  • Strategy Realignment: Assess your near- and long-term strategy and determine which initiatives are most critical to implement to meet your goals.


  • Value Levers: Create value for the organization across operations, SG&A, technology, and capital markets


  • Accounting & Tax Considerations: Proactively address challenging accounting, financial reporting, and tax regulatory issues.


Drive meaningful and sustainable improvements in profitability and cash generation by focusing on quick decision making and execution across key revenue and direct cost levers.


Optimize overhead structure and variablizing your cost targets and drive greater alignment between revenue generating activities and support functions.


Leverage existing tools and platforms to reduce cost while also preparing for new ways of working and dynamic growth in the future.

Capital Markets

Pursue capital market solutions that support both near-term liquidity requirements and the long-term growth strategy.

What’s Next?

After addressing the immediate disruption of COVID-19, companies must define the path forward and lay the groundwork for success in a post-pandemic world.  Download the full guide to help you work through the process, from strategy realignment through to value levers and accounting and tax considerations.

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