Fiduciary and Trustee

Extracting value from assets during non bankruptcy litigation or during the bankruptcy process requires a strong financial, operational and accounting skill set, as well as hands on experience advising and running businesses. We provide that expertise through our fiduciary and trustee services. While our approach is tailored to each unique situation, we consistently marshal and secure assets, objectively assess the viability of the entity and assets, and pursue strategies that maximize value for creditors and other stakeholders, while serving as a neutral arbiter for the court.

We provide fiduciary services in Chapter 11 bankruptcy and non bankruptcy litigation in both state and federal courts. Additionally, we serve as the trustee or financial advisor both during a Chapter 11 case and in connection with post confirmation liquidation or litigation trusts. In non bankruptcy situations, we are experienced in serving as receiver, as well as the assignee for assignment for the benefit of creditors. Through our significant experience serving successfully in fiduciary roles, we are intimately familiar with the procedures and requirements of the process, including working closely with courts and counsel.

Our fiduciary and trustee services include support in critical areas, such as:

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