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Key Takeaways from OneStream Splash 2019

Last week, Riveron sponsored OneStream’s Splash conference, which was held in New Orleans, Louisiana.  This annual event convened more than 1,100 finance and industry representatives for three days of networking and learning best practice implementation techniques from the software developers and existing clients.  The Riveron team heard from existing OneStream customers about the variety of OneStream use cases, prospective clients on how to potentially address their existing challenges and OneStream developers on the evolving product roadmap.  Here are our key takeaways from Splash 2019:

  1. One Size Does Not Fit All: Implementation success stories were heard from a wide variety of customers, ranging from smaller middle market companies to a few of the largest enterprises in the world, such as UPS and Capital One. While many use cases were shared, one clear theme emerged: customers are happy with OneStream and are planning to add more functionality and users, while replacing many disparate software solutions they currently use.
  2. OneStream is on the Rise: There were more than 1,100 participants at Splash, up from 700 last year, with an additional half day of programming added to the agenda to accommodate growing interest. In the last three years, OneStream has tripled their alliance and partnership teams to continue to grow enablement with partners. Given that OneStream software has emerged only within the past five years, this impressive growth speaks highly of the tool’s ability to meet and exceed customer expectations. In short, OneStream is on the rise and customers and partners are taking notice.
  3. The Appeal of a Single Platform: With an ever-increasing volume of performance management solutions coming to market, OneStream consumers and prospects cited the ability to keep data within one platform without having to manage multiple applications as very appealing. As the application continues to expand in scope beyond financial consolidation, reporting, and planning, OneStream is focused on maintaining this core unified platform approach and avoiding expanding capabilities by bolting on previously developed software.  Doing so will ease user adoption and deployment while keeping the total cost of ownership low.
  4. Building an Engaged Community: As the marketplace continues to expand, not all marketplace apps will be built by OneStream directly. OneStream will review all new apps, however, and provide quality assurance. There are currently three partners working to build apps, which will create opportunities to build on the OneStream platform among the partner community. Throughout this process, there is a continued emphasis on the marketplace as OneStream pushes its users to watch, listen, and implement all of its offerings.
  5. OneStream is Evolving:  OneStream is continuing to evolve, adding a new array of functionality that enhances the existing corporate performance management capabilities. For example, OneStream introduced a more robust data visualization solution that boasts interactive and easy to use drag and drop functionality, and also demonstrated additional capabilities around handling large amounts of transaction-level data. The ability to create executive reports using drag and drop techniques, as well as create pivot table views quickly to analyze large data queries (i.e., over 250 million rows) in less than a minute by modifying the aggregation engine is a real game changer.

To learn more about Riveron’s capabilities and offerings around OneStream and corporate performance management, click here. To learn more about Splash, visit the conference site.


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