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Riveron Top Ten of 2020

To say that 2020 was a year of great change would be an understatement. Following the outbreak of COVID-19 earlier this year, companies were forced to adapt in both big and small ways in order to preserve enterprise value and viability. From headcount changes to supply chain disruptions to the worldwide experiment with working from home, Riveron was there through it all with fresh and timely analysis to help guide companies through the rapidly evolving landscape. Here’s a look at our top ten posts of 2020.

An Audit Cycle Unlike Any Other

Jeffrey Kranzel, Matt Wray

This year’s audit will be the most complex one in recent memory, given the significant complexity and urgency introduced by the pandemic. While certain accounting and reporting issues, such as impairment and going concern, are not unfamiliar to financial statement preparers, greater time and attention must be spent to successfully navigate these issues.

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Conducting Due Diligence During COVID-19

Anand Raghu

Amid the many aspects of business that COVID-19 has affected this year, one that stands out is the M&A landscape, where deal timelines have been pushed and key risk factors are shifting. Due diligence has gone remote, transaction timelines have increased, and deals are continuing, albeit at a slower pace.

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Preparing for Bankruptcy? Accounting Considerations to Keep in Mind Before You File

Stephanie Shanor, Lantz Braham

This year, many finance and accounting leaders have determined that filing for bankruptcy may be a necessary step to alleviate debt and redeploy cash flow into growth opportunities. Understanding the information required for regulatory filings and the downstream impacts on the bankruptcy process is key to avoiding costly mistakes down the road.

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COVID-19: The Best Aerospace Investment in 20 Years

David Nolletti

2020 has been hard on the aerospace industry, causing a massive disruption in global passenger demand. Yet, the market uncertainty and rapid decline of revenues presents a rare opportunity for investors to purchase quality aerospace assets at more reasonable valuations.

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Back to Business? Five Things for CFOs to Consider Before Reopening

Drew Niehaus

While some companies have already reopened their offices following stay-at-home orders earlier this year, others are just now beginning the process. Chief financial officers and other finance leaders should keep in mind these five things when preparing to reopen and maximize value in a post-pandemic operating environment.

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Accelerating PE Growth Through Operating Model Optimization

Jason Gandy

While acquisitions will always be a vital part of the private equity environment, today’s market requires new and creative efforts to generate the best returns. To stay competitive, PE funds should look at operational means to improve and optimize performance before—or even in place of—turning to acquisitions in order to quickly scale.

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Quarterly Oil and Gas Industry Updates

James Lee, Zac McGinnis, Paul Jansen

While we may be breaking the rules a bit by including multiple posts here, our quarterly energy updates continue to provide a crucial look at what’s new in the oil and gas world. From geopolitical developments to industry M&A, here’s everything you need to know about what to expect in the coming weeks, months, and beyond.

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Preparing for an IPO? Make Your Finance and Accounting Organization Stronger First

Sasha Morozova

Although a company may not have current plans to go public, rising capital markets activity has prompted many sponsors to proactively approach companies that may not have otherwise contemplated an IPO. Ensuring their finance and accounting organizations are running smoothly is critical to navigating potential investment or exit opportunities when they arise.

Hankering for more capital markets content? Our breakdown of SPAC mergers continues to be our most popular piece to date!

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Strengthening the Global Supply Chain in Uncertain Times

Udit Sharma

The disruption of global supply chains earlier this year was an important reminder of the need to invest in the right supply chain infrastructure to withstand future events. While most companies have recovered from the short-term impacts of COVID-19, developing robust continency plans to address long-term needs will be critical to ensuring a resilient and competitive future.

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COVID-19: Preparing for the Now, the Next, and the New Normal

Multiple Authors

When the pandemic first hit, individuals and businesses alike grappled with its short- and long-term impacts on their socioeconomic security. Now, nearly nine months later, we have settled into a new way of doing business while still determining what the future will hold.

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