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Riveron Top Ten of 2019

2019 was a big year for the world of finance, accounting, and operations. From major accounting standard changes (and extensions!) to record high global IPO value, the one constant of which companies could be sure over the past twelve months was the rapid pace of change. At Riveron, we follow these stories closely in order to bring you unique and timely analysis on the biggest stories shaping today’s business landscape. Here’s a look at our top ten posts of 2019.


SPAC Mergers: Navigating the Latest Trend in the Capital Markets

Zac McGinnis

Companies are increasingly turning to special purpose acquisition companies, commonly known as SPACs, as an attractive alternative to accessing the capital markets. But as with any new trend, companies should be aware of the complexities and potential pitfalls before determining the best option for them.

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What’s the Deal: How CECL Affects Broker-Dealers

Jeffrey Kranzel, Lantz Braham

Many believe that the new current expected credit loss model, known as CECL, only affects commercial and retail banks with large loan portfolios. However, several transactions that are common within the broker-dealer industry fall within scope of the new standard.

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Quarterly Oil & Gas Industry Updates

James Lee, Zac McGinnis

We know, we know. Technically this counts as multiple posts but why have one great energy update when you can have three?! From geopolitical developments to industry M&A, our quarterly updates break down what’s new in the oil and gas world so you know what to expect in the coming weeks, months, and beyond.

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Overcoming the Top Challenges of Implementing the Lease Accounting Standard

Helen Mason

As private companies turn their attention to assessing the impacts of and implementing the new lease accounting standard, they can leverage lessons learned by public company adopters to ensure a successful transition. Understanding which workstreams require significant time and resources can ease implementation challenges.

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Securing an Asset-Based Loan with the Borrower in the Driver’s Seat

Richard Hatley

Increasingly, borrowers are proactively approaching lenders with fully diligenced and competitively structured and priced opportunities in order to secure the best deal possible and receive the most favorable terms. But there is still an important role for lenders to play in the process.

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Navigating the Challenges of Divesting a Business

Mark Cox, Bill Maloney

When a company decides to sell part of a business, the complex separation process often requires more preparation and resources than sellers expect. Effective planning and strategic consideration around the structure of the deal and the required financial statements are crucial to ensuring a successful transaction.

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Preparing for an Extended Lease Accounting Adoption Deadline

Michael Cahill, David Marquardt

Private companies have been given extra time to adopt the new lease accounting standard. Rather than delaying pre-adoption activities, management teams should use this opportunity to critically assess their readiness to implement the new guidance.

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Conference Takeaways

Justin Carter, Brent Fisher, Jonas Melton, Ben Novak

Riveron is proud to participate in many industry-related conferences and events with key partners such as OneStream, NetSuite, and BlackLine. This year, we traveled the country to meet with customers and other partner firms, discussing best practices and exciting new trends. Our event takeaways posts highlight a few of the things we learned and what companies can expect to see moving forward.

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Five Common Scenarios That Can Lead to a Material Weakness

Matt Farrell

Understanding trends in material weaknesses and the common situations where such deficiencies occur provides companies a path to mitigate the related risks. Here are five common scenarios that add significant risk to a company’s internal control over financial reporting.

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Three Ways to Hit Your IPO Pricing Window

Patrick Garrett, Zac McGinnis

For many companies preparing to go public, the biggest opportunity that can result from proper planning and execution is timing their offering to hit the anticipated optimal pricing window. By focusing on specific complex matters early in the process, management teams and stakeholders can maximize IPO timing when going public shifts from a long-term goal into a current reality.

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