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Aerospace Roundup: Trends Across Defense, Commercial Aviation, and Airports

In the current global economic climate, many happenings continue to shape the aerospace industry this year, from defense opportunities in the Pacific region to factors impacting the supply chain in commercial aviation. Due to the pandemic, new challenges and opportunities continue to emerge related to passenger and staff safety considerations and the future of the consumer experience within the context of US airports. The following roundup offers relevant insight and industry considerations by Riveron’s experts in aerospace and airport operations.

Aerospace Defense Investment Opportunities

As the focus on the Pacific region continues, there are two underappreciated opportunities to invest in the aerospace and defense industry, showing promise for private contractors and likely advancements for in-air refueling technologies.

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Factors Influencing the Aerospace Supply Chain

For the commercial aerospace industry in the year ahead, several elements are shaping the market including a more globalized supply chain, challenges faced by original equipment manufacturers, and more.

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Reimagining Operations at US Airports

Airports in the United States can address financial considerations and optimize operations now while preparing for an eventual increase in demand for passenger travel.

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