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Transition Service Agreements

Developing a transition service agreement (TSA) that drives value for sellers and allows buyers to access the resources required during the transition period is critical to a successful separation. Riveron leverages our extensive experience in finance, accounting, tax, operations, and technology, to help clients build a better performing transition agreement. We achieve success for our clients by analyzing organizational functions, facilitating negotiations, and assisting with agreement execution from deal close through term.

With a focus on business continuity and organizational vision, we support deal objectives and implement the strategy from pre-close diligence and negotiations to deal close. We structure governance, define TSA policies, and oversee functional area tasks and milestones to help our clients achieve a smooth and efficient transition.

Key focus areas in our TSA planning include:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Operations and supply chain
  • Human resources
  • Sales and marketing
  • Real estate
  • Information technology
  • Legal and compliance
  • Environmental, health, and safety
  • Compliance
  • Quality
  • Tax

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