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Riveron Roundup: Revenue Recognition (ASC 606)

The new revenue recognition guidance, ASC 606, will have a significant impact on the way that companies recognize and report revenue. Although non-public companies are required to adopt the new standard for fiscal years beginning in 2019, there is still time to develop and complete a thoughtful implementation plan for those who have yet to begin or are still in the planning stages. Private companies can leverage lessons learned from public company adoptions to ensure a seamless and stress-free transition to the new standard. The following Riveron resources serve as a guide for navigating the various challenges and complexities companies may face during the implementation process.

ASC 606 Considerations for Companies Still Planning for Adoption

Jenn Braden, Mark Jistel, and Stephanie Williams

ASC 606 will have varying levels of impact on the way that companies recognize and report revenue. From major changes to one-off impacts, this article details a number of common impacts and considerations for companies in the early stages of implementing the new standard.

Optimizing Systems for a Successful ASC 606 Adoption

Brent Fisher, Mark Jistel

As companies prepare to adopt ASC 606, there are many things to consider from a systems perspective. This webinar explores best practices when transitioning to the new standard, from correctly adjusting or configuring a company’s ERP to implementing the right systems and processes.

Accounting for Conversion from On-Premise to Cloud for Software Companies

Jenn Braden, Mark Jistel

Software as a Service (SaaS) is on the rise, but many companies do not yet have the infrastructure or technology needed to support this type of solution. As a result, companies often provide customers with the option to convert their current on-premise subscription contracts later in the term, which raises questions on when and how revenue should be recognized under ASC 606.

What Private Companies Should Know When Adopting the New Revenue Standard

Drew Niehaus, Stephanie Williams

Although calendar year-end companies were required to adopt ASC 606 as of the beginning of this year, many have deferred implementation activities until nearer to their financial reporting deadlines. By developing a thoughtful implementation plan and leveraging lessons learned from those that have already adopted, companies can prepare for a successful transition to the new standard.

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