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Webinar: Optimizing Systems for a Successful ASC 606 Adoption

As companies prepare to adopt ASC 606, there are many things to consider from a systems perspective. From correctly adjusting or configuring a company’s ERP to implementing the right systems and processes, navigating the new guidelines can be challenging for companies that are not prepared. For instance, managing revenue in Excel may make sense in the near term, but is not scalable when introducing the new guidelines. Or companies may not have considered the downstream impact of managing adoption for their current ERP system. Additionally, amortizing costs over the contract or disclosures, such as unbilled contracts, are creating new difficulties.

In this webinar, Riveron’s Brent Fisher and Mark Jistel and NetSuite’s Chuck Bunting discuss the ways that companies can prepare for ASC 606 adoption from a systems perspective, and learn how solutions like NetSuite can support companies to achieve compliance.

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