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Riveron Roundup: Capital Markets

For companies looking to enter the capital markets, there are many different options available to them. From traditional IPOs to special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) mergers, private capital transactions, and direct public offerings, companies are taking more advantage than ever before of the diverse ways to access capital. But what may be the right approach for one company may not align with another’s long-term goals. The following Riveron resources serve as a guide for navigating different capital markets options and ensuring that companies are ready when the right timing strikes.

Exploring Capital Markets Options in the Energy Sector

James Lee, Zac McGinnis, Damon Kade

For companies in the energy industry that are accessing capital, there are different options available for them to meet their unique and evolving goals. In this webinar, Riveron experts provide an overview of the different paths that energy companies are taking to access the capital markets and explore the key ways in which companies can prepare to maximize their journey.

Exploring Capital Markets Options: SPACs vs IPOs

Zac McGinnis

There are many similarities between SPAC mergers and traditional IPOs. But before initiating either capital markets option, it’s important to be aware of the key differences regarding timing, marketing, compliance, and cost. This infographic explores some of these differences.


Three Ways to Hit Your IPO Pricing Window

Patrick Garrett, Zac McGinnis

For many companies preparing to go public through a traditional IPO, the biggest opportunity that can result from proper planning and execution is timing their offering to hit the anticipated optimal pricing window. Riveron experts weigh in on the steps companies can take to prepare to execute on a pricing opportunity.

SPAC Mergers: Navigating the Latest Trend in the Capital Makets

Zac McGinnis

Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) mergers are increasingly being viewed as an attractive alternative to accessing the capital markets. While this path is not new, its popularity has recently been skyrocketing. But as with any new trend, companies should be aware of the complexities and potential pitfalls before jumping on board.

Direct Public Offerings: What You Need to Know

Zac McGinnis

Like SPAC mergers, companies are increasingly turning to direct public offerings (DPOs) as an alternative method for entering the capital markets. Riveron experts explore this growing trend and break down what you need to know before deciding whether a DPO is right for your company