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Webinar: Ask the Experts on Lease Accounting

Riveron’s Ask the Experts webinar series convenes industry and subject-matter experts for timely and relevant discussions on key issues shaping today’s business world. In this five-part series, Riveron analysts explore all aspects of the new lease accounting standard (ASC 842) to help companies navigate the challenges and complexities that can emerge during all phases of the implementation journey.

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The Practicality of Practical Expedients, April 25th

Policy elections and decisions along the way to ASC 842 compliance

Adopting the new standard can be a significant undertaking for many companies. Fortunately, there are practical expedients available to mitigate some of the burden. In part one of the ATE webinar series, Riveron’s Ryan Egan, Adi Mehta and Craig Rowlings discuss two types of practical expedients available under the new standard: those available at transition and those available to ease ongoing lease accounting.


Accounting Impact, May 9th

Day One journal entries, maintaining data integrity, and the financial close impact

What happens on Day One and beyond when you live in an 842 world? As companies rush to comply with the new standard, establishing long-term processes can often take a backseat. In part two of the ATE webinar series, Riveron’s Todd Follett and Neal McDonald take a look at some of the common challenges of getting to Day One and how companies can better prepare for Day Two and beyond.

Lease Data: Collection and Abstraction, May 23rd

Collecting lease data: an exercise you only want to do once

For companies adopting the new standard, data extraction and analysis can be one of the most complex and arduous parts of the implementation process. In part three of the ATE webinar series, Riveron’s Craig Rowlings, Michael Cahill, and Steven Sayewitz focus on collecting and abstracting lease data during the various stages of adoption.

Embedded Leases, June 6th

What are they and where are they?

Embedded leases present a challenge for many companies both while adopting the new standard and when determining how to remain compliant going forward. In part four of the ATE webinar series, Riveron’s Steve Hills and Helen Mason define embedded leases and explain why companies need to pay greater attention to them than ever before.

Processes and Controls, June 20th

New processes and getting your auditors comfortable

How does adoption of the new standard affect a company’s system of processes and controls? What are some of the key risks that need to be addressed? In part five of the ATE webinar series, Riveron’s Mark Cox and Michael Cahill discuss the tools and strategies needed to ensure that companies are adequately prepared to anticipate and respond to risks related to implementation of the new standard.


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