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How to Address Risk and Internal Controls in Business Combinations

Riveron describes three tactics for addressing risk and internal controls when a merger reshapes your business.

Professionals’ Top Concerns this Audit Season

As accounting and finance teams complete their 2020 audits, the issues they face are likely informed by the challenges companies encountered over the past year.

Three Ways Companies Can Prepare for the New PCAOB Standard on Auditing Estimates and Using Specialists

The new accounting standard will impact the management teams ultimately responsible for the accounting estimates. Here are three ways to prepare.

What a Relief: The FASB Extends Deadlines for New Accounting Standards

The Financial Accounting Standards Board voted to defer extending the deadline for private companies and certain small public companies to implement the new accounting standards on leasing, credit losses, hedge accounting, and long-duration insurance contracts.

How to Improve Forecasting Under the New Credit Loss Standard

First appearing in FEI Daily, Riveron’s experts discuss the steps companies can take to improve forecasting under the new credit loss standard.

Riveron Roundup: Lease Accounting (ASC 842)

Public companies have been reporting under the new lease accounting standard since January, while the deadline for private companies to adopt ASC 842 will likely be extended until 2021. Here’s a comprehensive list of resources authored by Riveron’s experts to assist in navigating the various challenges and complexities of this implementation process.

Three Ways Companies Can Prepare for the Libor Transition

The shift away from Libor will affect companies in different ways. Knowing how an organization is affected by the current benchmark and devising a robust strategy will be crucial to preventing disruptions and unexpected impacts on earnings. First appearing in CFO, Riveron’s experts weigh in on three ways that companies can best prepare.

Utilizing ASC 842 Lease Accounting Adoption as a Catalyst for Spend Reduction

While many companies are devoting time and resources to comply with the new lease accounting standard (ASC 842), few are utilizing the adoption process as an opportunity to review their spend and implement transformative cost-saving measures.

Webinar: Understanding and Preparing for CECL

CECL, the new accounting standard for credit losses, will have significant impacts on how financial institutions record expected losses. In this webinar, Riveron experts provide an overview of the new standard and explain core concepts.

Preparing for an Extended Lease Accounting Adoption Deadline

With FASB’s recent vote to extend the deadline for ASC 842 adoption, companies may have until January 2021 to comply with the new lease accounting standard. Riveron experts weigh in on why management teams should use this opportunity to critically access their readiness #leaseaccounting

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