Unimagined Potential

Executing today’s realities while imagining tomorrow’s opportunities can challenge even the most capable executives.

At Riveron, we believe the strategic visions that transform organizations often emerge from insights found deep within the details. We look beyond the surface, partnering with our clients and their stakeholders to understand the business at every level, including the financial and operational fundamentals that underpin success and create opportunity.

Our thoughtfully integrated teams bring deep functional expertise, first-hand industry knowledge, and experience-based creativity and perspective to generate tailored solutions to address any challenge. With a commitment to treating our client’s business as if it were our own, Riveron is a trusted partner to help evolving enterprises address their unique needs and reach unimagined potential.

Under our unified brand strategy, Conway MacKenzie, Winter Harbor, and GBI Consulting are now Riveron.


We partner with our clients to implement right-sized solutions that elevate performance and expand possibilities.

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Our experts bring fresh perspectives on timely and relevant issues shaping today’s business world.

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Our teams combine first-hand industry experience with the technical acumen needed to solve problems quickly.

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“As Riveron has continued to grow and evolve, we are even better positioned to help our clients meet their current challenges and think beyond today’s realities to reach new heights. With a broad range of functional and industry expertise, our multi-disciplinary teams serve as trusted partners for our clients throughout their growth journeys.” 


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