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Celebrating Our Brand Journey and Shared Path Forward

When Riveron decided to combine with Conway MacKenzie in December 2019, Winter Harbor in 2020, and GBI Consulting just a few short weeks ago, it was because we knew we would be stronger as a combined team than as individual businesses. While our legacy parts each brought unique strengths and capabilities to the table, together we would be able to provide integrated solutions that not only meet our clients’ needs today but anticipate the business realities of tomorrow.

This week, we are taking the next step forward and bringing our teams together under the Riveron banner. Beginning today, we are going to market as one Riveron, refreshing our branding and corporate positioning to better reflect our growing capabilities and vision for the future.

Like all strong brands, ours is not static. It will continue to grow and adapt as our business evolves.

This ability to adapt becomes not only important but crucial in periods of great change. We have seen the world shift dramatically over the past year and a half and with it the goals, needs, and aspirations of the companies and leaders whom we serve. Our brand—like our business, our capabilities, and our people—must have room to breathe and metaphorically stretch its legs.

As we turn the page and embark on this exciting new chapter, we celebrate the diverse paths and histories that have brought us to this point. Our journey now continues as one firm—one that is uniquely positioned to serve our clients and people like never before.

Hear what Riveron leaders are saying about this exciting milestone.


“As Riveron has continued to grow and evolve, we are even better positioned to help our clients meet their current challenges and think beyond today’s realities to reach new heights. With a broad range of functional and industry expertise, our multidisciplinary teams serve as trusted partners for our clients throughout their growth journeys.”

Julie Howard, Chief Executive Officer


“We originally came together as one business because we shared one unifying belief: that delivering high-quality service and custom solutions to our clients is our top priority. Now, we are reaffirming this belief and doubling down on our commitment to providing best-in-class solutions for our clients.”

Kreg Nichols, Chief Operating Officer



“While the brand you are familiar with may be changing, our ability to serve our clients is only getting better. With more robust offerings and capabilities, you can expect to see even greater things in the future.”

Jeff Zappone, Chief Operating Officer



“By coming together in common cause, we honor the differences that make us unique as well as our ability to do more as a team.”

Lacy Lange, Chief People Officer



“Unifying under a single enterprise-wide brand enables us to have a stronger, more substantial presence in the market. With our integrated and evolving capabilities, we partner with our clients to address their unique needs and realize unimagined potential.”

Molly Williams, Marketing Director

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