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Careers at Riveron: Spotlight on Tax Advisory

Tax professionals across Riveron share recent career highlights, including unique growth opportunities and the value delivered to clients.

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Riveron partners with our clients to elevate performance and expand opportunities—and we provide the same opportunities for our people. With projects spanning sales and use tax, transaction tax, distressed and bankruptcy tax, our teams provide pragmatic solutions that address our client’s unique needs and empower them to improve their internal tax function. Riveron’s tax professionals share their recent career highlights:

Careers at Riveron: Spotlight on Tax Advisory 1

Experienced unique opportunities that make an impact:

Cathrine Vela, Senior Associate, Houston

“I have had the pleasure of working with Riveron for a year now, and I can confidently say that it has been an extraordinary experience. Riveron is nimble, inclusive, and the leadership is next level. I have worked alongside experienced colleagues on an interim tax management project on the sales and use tax side and have helped clients with software implementations, all of which have been great learning opportunities for me.

As someone who comes from a sales background, what I enjoy most is working directly with clients. Since day one, I have felt empowered by my managers to take the lead on projects. Riveron’s leadership places their trust in me by asking me to spearhead client calls, which allows me to hone my skills and expand my network. The tax team has also given me the opportunity and training for business development, which I am grateful for. We are encouraged at all levels to take part in helping to grow our business and I am excited about the long-term impact this will have on my career.

Although our tax team lives in different cities, I can proudly say that leadership makes the effort to bring us all together for Monday morning virtual coffee chats where we can share our weekend activities, chat about our pets, and build relationships in a hybrid work environment. We also get the opportunity to participate in local office events, including book clubs, celebrations, and philanthropic activities.”

Careers at Riveron: Spotlight on Tax Advisory 2

Empowered to lead by launching an employee resource group:

Cynthia Munoz Reyes, Senior Associate, Denver

“As a highly passionate individual with a background in industry, I have had the pleasure of working with Riveron for four months now, and it has already been a refreshingly motivating experience.

Starting with the interview process, Riveron has consistently proved their commitment to their employees. The company is uniquely transparent. What you see is what you get — candidates aren’t being sold a bill of goods.

The team I work with is highly supportive, and I’ve already experienced impactful ways in which the leadership at Riveron is truly invested in my success, making my transition to client services a smooth and positive experience. They take the time to explain things to me, which has helped me learn more in four months than I did in the last year at my previous company. One aspect that I really enjoy about working at Riveron is the hands-on training, which provides me with a great opportunity to connect with my colleagues in person. When Riveron says they are building the next generation of leaders, I truly see that first-hand, which is very encouraging.

In fact, I have been inspired and supported by leadership in the initiative I have taken to form a new employee resource group, which I am looking forward to launching in the next couple of months. Overall, working with Riveron has been such a positive experience, and I look forward to continuing to grow with the company.”

Careers at Riveron: Spotlight on Tax Advisory

Found balance and support as a subject matter expert:

Justin Czapczyk, Manager, Chicago

“Coming from mandatory rotations and working 160-hour weeks at one of the Big Four accounting firms, my experience at Riveron has been nothing short of amazing.

From the moment I started here, I felt supported and welcomed with open arms. Everyone at Riveron is approachable, and I appreciate that leadership is accessible and invested in my growth. I can be my true authentic self at Riveron, which is something I value. In fact, my time at Riveron has been so productive that by the third quarter, I was invited to speak as a subject matter expert in the highest-performing webinar in Riveron history.

The experiences I have had the opportunity to participate in, from solving complex technical tax questions to being a subject matter expert in just a matter of time, truly speak to the growth opportunities available at Riveron and the support from the whole team, from every level of the organization. These experiences have allowed me to grow both personally and professionally.

I am truly grateful for the opportunities and support I have received at Riveron, and I look forward to continuing to grow with the company.”

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