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ESG and Sustainability

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) represents a set of sustainability matters that organizations address and incorporate into their strategy to drive long-term value. Today, companies recognize they have a responsibility to drive meaningful change for their business, people, and society. ESG is ascending to the top of priority lists for stakeholders, such as investors, boards, and creditors.

Riveron partners with organizations to align on a sustainability strategy tailored to the business, focusing on issues that are relevant and impactful. We help our clients engage with stakeholders to identify and report on the issues that are likely to materially impact financial performance.

Our experts also assist organizations in navigating the complex landscape of sustainability standards, frameworks, and rapidly evolving regulatory requirements and deliver a meaningful message to stakeholders. To provide the investment-grade ESG information critical for success, we partner with our clients to design optimized processes, establish controls, and leverage the right technology to drive reliable, decision-useful sustainability data.


Riveron recently acquired Clermont Partners, extending our ESG, investor relations, and strategic communication services.


ESG Review

A first step in determining where your organization sits in the ESG landscape, charting a sustainability roadmap based on strategic priorities

ESG Assessment

A comprehensive sustainability strategy selection process, including stakeholder analysis and benchmarking, resulting in the identification of material ESG issues for your organization

Standard and Framework Selection

Navigation of the standard-setting and regulatory environment to align on the approach that best serves your organization’s goals

ESG Pulse

Periodic, thematic reporting on key ESG issues, organizational progress against sustainability strategy, and relevant market information to specific stakeholders

ESG Reporting Readiness

Establishment of an ESG reporting process by creating or optimizing processes, implementing controls, and leveraging technology to ensure an efficient sustainability reporting function that results in investment grade information

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