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People Spotlight: Unlocking Business Potential

Riveron partners with our clients to elevate performance and expand possibilities—and we provide the same opportunities for our people. With expertise spanning accounting, finance, technology, and operations, our teams work at the center of the business and transaction lifecycle.

Eight exemplary professionals across Riveron share perspectives on shaping client success and highlights of their career journeys.

Positively reimagining business:

Sufiana Tian, Managing Director, Dallas

“Clients often reach out to us for help when going through a storm, facing fast-paced needs sometimes described as ‘Mission Impossible.’ I view these as brilliant opportunities and find career inspiration in the words of Winston Churchill: Continuous effort—not strength or intelligence—is the key to unlocking our potential. Riveron unlocks possibilities by understanding our clients’ needs and objectives and being flexible when priorities shift.

To guide decision-making, we seek to provide clients with relevant alternative solutions. A recent example is advising on business contingency plans for companies heavily impacted by the Russia-Ukraine conflict. We have also successfully helped large global clients going through capital market transactions and complex deals. Our clients find value in the ways we show up in the storm, contribute as thought leaders, strategize and provide action plans, and collaborate with their team to implement by priority.

Another rewarding aspect of my role at Riveron includes developing team members and helping them achieve their goals and career aspirations.”

Partnering for new possibilities:

Sarah Smith, Associate Director, Denver

“My expertise includes helping clients assess and implement new accounting standards, ASC 842 and 606. From start to finish, I help businesses understand the impacts of the standard, guide the best ways to execute the changes, and develop go-forward processes.

One client recently faced significant changes related to a re-audit of their financial statements, including implementing a new revenue subledger, a new general ledger system, replacing their director of revenue accounting, and starting another year’s audit. Our team advised the company through these many challenges and identified ways to improve their processes for the future.

The culture at Riveron encourages people to get to know one another on projects, within the office, and nationwide, and to be an integral part of the client’s workstreams. Clients trust my opinion on technical accounting matters and also reach out to discuss career growth and team dynamics. All of my clients have been amazing to work with, and they see Riveron as an extension of their own company’s management. We work in tandem to get the job done while at the same time getting to know one another, ensuring it’s an enjoyable experience.

Creating clarity amid complexity:

Jessica Lewis, Manager, Washington DC

“As a manager in Riveron’s M&A tax practice, I perform tax due diligence to identify tax risks and opportunities in transactions for target companies across various industries. I help clients ensure their investments are in good standing from a tax perspective to avoid post-deal surprises. Amid ever-changing regulations, I drive value for clients by serving as an advisor that can demystify complex tax issues and turn tax law into areas of opportunity. Structuring transactions, mitigating exposures, and navigating the obligations of a newly combined organization saves money and frees up clients’ resources to support other critical areas of the business.

Riveron accelerates professional development in many ways, one being the opportunity to contribute to thought leadership and share relevant insights, which has grown my technical acumen while building my reputation in the industry.

Employees at Riveron are encouraged to design our careers, and my experience has been filled with support from Riveron’s top leadership to my everyday peers—including the freedom and support to create a new employee resource group for Black professionals and being publicly recognized by the firm for my accomplishments. The dedication to maintain a transparent, inclusive, and supportive culture makes Riveron a very special place to work.”

Adapting approaches as markets evolve:

Faaria Chaudhry, Director, Dallas

“My focus is to partner with clients navigating dynamic environments resulting from reorganizations, transactions, or revamping processes to realize efficiencies.

As the traditional work landscaped changed over the course of the pandemic, I’ve found it particularly fulfilling to help management teams create processes and smooth transitions that enable people to work from home while fostering connectivity and collaboration digitally.

I value the supportive and encouraging team environment that I’ve experienced at Riveron. Joining the firm during a pandemic while just having moved to a new city posed its challenges, but the support and welcoming atmosphere from my colleagues made a world of difference.”

Cultivating valuable relationships:

Winnie Hung, Manager, Houston

“At Riveron, my consulting expertise includes accounting data preparation, analysis, and reconciliation, helping businesses with technical accounting, and internal and external financial reporting. By focusing on being conscientious and continuously trying to add value, I have been able to build rapport with clients and foster trust. This has enabled clients to receive consistent guidance across Riveron’s service lines and additional opportunities for our people to engage in new ways with our clients.

At Riveron, one of the most rewarding aspects of my career and professional development has been leading two employee resource groups, one which focuses on women and another which focuses on individuals who are Asian or Pacific Islander. In Houston and across the firm, these groups provide opportunities to network and socialize, raise awareness for relevant issues, and foster professional development.

The culture at Riveron focuses on relationships in addition to work product, which allows us to expand the ways we serve our clients, continue to build out our networks, and give rise to future opportunities.”

Tailoring technical solutions:

Kassie Aldrich,  Associate Director, Dallas

“I typically help clients work through technical accounting issues. This includes implementing new accounting guidance and accounting for acquisitions and divestitures.

Recently, I assisted a client in implementing the new guidance related to revenue recognition, and the software options available in the market did not suit the company’s needs, so Riveron worked alongside the company’s management to develop a customized IT solution. This technology solution enabled the company to account for revenue under the new accounting standard and significantly alleviated management’s burden of implementing the standard.

One of the most rewarding aspects of working at Riveron is the relationships I have built within the organization. Riveron provides an environment that encourages people to grow to their full potential and our leaders help each individual by identifying and enhancing their professional strengths.”

Strengthening processes and reporting:

Irene Chen, Manager, Washington DC

“For companies going through an initial purchase offering (IPO), I prepare client teams to adapt to public company environments, which includes driving accounting policy adoption and implementing process improvements. I also help clients convert their accounting to relevant US or international standards, such as GAAP or IFRS. Working at Riveron, I have tremendously reduced clients’ operational burdens by simplifying financial reporting while at the same time being compliant with all requirements. Also, I have developed policies and procedures for clients which serve as corporate accounting guidance for financial reporting.

Riveron offers the opportunity to interact with industry-leading professionals, and I have developed strong relationships built out of trust and candor. I thoroughly enjoy working with my team! My management team is always looking out for the best developmental opportunities for me.

Riveron exhibits industry-leading knowledge and high standards for client service while at the same time being a close-knit community—it really is the best of both worlds.

Paving improved paths through trust:

Rabia Zaman, Director, Washington DC

“At Riveron, I focus on supporting private equity firms and the office of the CFO with operations accounting, audit readiness, accelerating month-end close, and designing customized management reports to allow timely access to financial data for decision-making.

Riveron’s footprint in diversified industries and commitment to providing customized client service have been a gamechanger for my professional development and have expanded my business and industry experience. Plus, the unmatched colleagues at Riveron keep me motivated to learn, teach others, and grow.

We collaborate closely with our clients and rely on each other’s knowledge and strengths to deliver high-quality products. For each client, Riveron seeks to be a trusted advisor, and this resonates strongly with me. I believe that gaining the client’s trust is the building block which in turn allows Riveron to find new opportunities and ways to partner in the client’s growth journey.”

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