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People Spotlight: Celebrating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

Three Riveron experts share how inclusive workplaces strengthen the career journey and elevate possibilities for clients and colleagues.

In alignment with our vision to continually improve performance while challenging the status quo, Riveron has built a team that encourages diversity of thought, experience, and background. As a result, we foster a company culture that embraces inclusivity, open mindedness, and a dedication to forward progress. Three professionals across the firm share how Riveron’s diversity and inclusion efforts have enhanced their working experience.

People Spotlight: Celebrating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

Meeting and learning from different people:

Stacey Light, Director, Washington, DC

“At Riveron, working within a diverse team exposes us all to varied perspectives and non-traditional approaches to managing our work and responding to our clients’ needs. Some of my closest friends at the firm and my most fulfilling professional relationships have been with people from different walks of life from me. That diversity has enriched my own life, broadened my perspectives, and made me a more empathetic and open-minded coworker, friend, and human being.

I’ve stayed at Riveron for seven years because of the people and the firm’s commitment to hiring the best candidates who represent all types of backgrounds and experiences. From reimagining our hiring strategies to providing support and growth opportunities to employees, Riveron has been able to increase diversity and inclusion, and simultaneously has become a more competitive player in the consulting space.”

People Spotlight: Celebrating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace 1

Building internal and external relationships:

Reed Pitts, Associate Director – Tax, Dallas

“Having a diverse team, rather than a homogeneous group of individuals, allows for the inclusion of differing perspectives and experiences. As a result, we have an enhanced knowledge and skills base that we can offer clients along with a work environment in which everyone feels that they belong and can contribute their ideas. Additionally, the diversity of our advisory teams enables Riveron to build unique approaches across existing and new service offerings and markets, which sets us apart in the market.

Riveron is composed of teams across the country and provides valuable networking and professional development resources for employees. I have been able to connect with supportive and inclusive colleagues through my involvement in our employee resource group that supports LGBTIAQ+ colleagues and allies. The group has also enriched my professional perspective by providing opportunities to expand my local network outside the firm.”

People Spotlight: Celebrating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace 2

Enriching project experiences:

Alex Hilsabeck, Associate Director, Washington, DC

“A diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone. One example that showcases this idea: I recently worked on a major, multi-year project on which the team, as well as client’s personnel and fellow consultants, were located across the globe. This resulted in collaboration between a wide, diverse group of professionals. Alongside our project focus, we were able to connect on a personal level and learn where everyone came from, as well as share experiences and life journeys. These broad perspectives directly impacted the team’s professional success, and we all grew individually from the experience. At project conclusion, the client’s favorable comment about the camaraderie the team developed over two years will always resonate with me. It was a unique experience I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Additionally, support and allyship have been a cornerstone of my experience with Riveron. Being part of Riveron’s development of robust employee resource groups has been an invaluable opportunity to create something new and see the fruits of our labor. I’ve loved watching, and partaking in, the growth of the firm into the diverse workforce it is today. We are better positioned to manage our teams, work collaboratively, bring new thoughts and offer feedback, and respond to the evolving needs of our clients.”

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