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COVID-19 Impairment Guide: Navigating the Testing Process

A comprehensive review of impact areas, considerations, and testing approach.

Uncertainty surrounding the long-term financial and economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic has introduced heightened awareness of the likelihood of impaired assets. In this unprecedented time, determining what represents a short-term versus sustained decline in fair value can be difficult. Finance and accounting functions must work together to establish realistic and supportable projections and cash flow generation data in a disrupted capital and operational environment.

One thing is certain: the documentation of considerations and detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis of COVID-19 as a triggering event for impairment testing is not an exercise many companies can avoid. Riveron’s COVID-19 Impairment Guide serves as a practical tool to aid companies in identifying triggering events and navigating the nuances of the impairment testing process for different types of assets.

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