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Navigating the SPAC Lifecycle Webinar Series

Part 1: SPAC Formation and IPO

Michelle Laitinen, Zac McGinnis, Sasha Morozova, Jason Loy, Michael Cahill

The introductory phase of the SPAC process, forming the SPAC and the IPO, includes numerous complex accounting and reporting matters. In this webinar, Riveron’s capital market experts explain this process and share best practices for elements such as preparation of first-time financial statements, audit readiness, S-1 filing, and fulfillment of SEC requirements.

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Part 2: De-SPAC Process & Organizational Readiness Phase

Tony Doesburg, Sasha Morozova, Scott Gorrell, Josh Motter, Bill Maloney

Continuing a webinar series on the SPAC lifecycle, Riveron experts discuss the merger of the operating company and the SPAC. For this SPAC merger phase, or de-SPAC, our team examines how to prepare for the complex accounting, regulations, and SEC filings. Presenters also outline organizational readiness factors, including how to evaluate the current state and build a road map for efficient post-close operations.

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Part 3: Post-Close, Being a Public Company

Valerie Flanigan, Zac McGinnis, Eric Markovich, Anand Raghu, Drew Niehaus

In part three of the SPAC lifecycle series, Riveron looks at preparing to operate as a public company. In a public setting, companies that previously had flexible private company reporting timelines are now expected to close each period much more quickly. Riveron experts provide a practical, execution-focused perspective on how to accelerate the close process and make this new pace of operation sustainable. We shed light on process updates, how to leverage automation, and how to realign the organization to address the needs of a public company. The webinar also explores the role of financial planning and analysis in the earnings cycle with an emphasis on supporting Investor Relations.

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