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Separation Services and Back-Office Stand Up

The process of separating a business unit or operating function and developing a standalone entity requires detailed planning and flawless execution. Riveron’s breadth of experience surrounding the transaction and carve out lifecycle enables our team to develop and execute a comprehensive plan that guides the organizations through the process with minimal business interruption.

Riveron’s separation methodology is centered around people, process and technology working seamlessly together. By understanding the existing structure, we develop a strategic plan that helps companies successfully unwind and stand up the new organization to maximize deal value. Post-close, Riveron partners with all parties to accomplish milestones, develop a viable operating model, minimize distress among employees and deliver essential communications. By cutting down on the commotion of the M&A cycle, our process allows you to focus on capturing deal value while achieving acceptance from critical stakeholders.

Our knowledge of the investment cycle enables us to help clients across many areas of separation services and back office stand up, including:

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