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Riveron brings a unique perspective on transactions, business transformation and accounting advisory developed through guiding our clients in times of high growth and distress, integrations and separations.

Webinar: The Hidden Benefits of ASC 842

Adopting ASC 842 is not simply a compliance exercise; it is an opportunity to take advantage of hidden benefits such as vendor rationalization and spend reduction.

Riveron Expands Executive Team

Riveron announced that it will expand its executive team with the addition of industry experts Anand Raghuraman and Jason Gandy, who have recently joined the firm as executive managing directors in the New York City and Chicago offices, respectively.

Q2 2019 Oil and Gas Industry Update: Fluctuating Prices and Renewed Uncertainties

Commodity price volatility continued throughout the second quarter with oil prices finishing relatively flat after peaking in late April, while natural gas continued to languish, falling below $2.50 towards the end of June.

Lease Accounting: Post ASC 842 Adoption Clean Up and Lessons Learned

Few companies anticipated the ripple effect of clean-up activities that would emerge following adoption.

Webinar: Ask the Experts on Lease Accounting

Riveron’s Ask the Experts webinar series convenes industry and subject-matter experts for timely and relevant discussions on key issues shaping today’s business world. In this five-part series, Riveron analysts explore all aspects of the new lease accounting standard (ASC 842) to help companies navigate the challenges and complexities that can emerge during all phases of the implementation journey.

Enterprise Lease Accounting Summit Takeaways and Tips

Riveron’s video recap highlights our top takeaways from the Enterprise Lease Accounting Summit, exploring tips and best practices that companies should be aware of on their road to compliance.

Key Takeaways from Host Analytics Perform Conference

Riveron attended the Perform 2019 conference in order to meet with customers and other partner firms. During this time, we discussed best practices, exciting new trends, and learned more about how customers are using the Host Analytics Platform.

Data Visualization Is King

Over the past decade, there has been explosive growth in the amount of financial and operational data portfolio companies generate every day. The growing mass of data makes it difficult for private equity firms to derive the actionable insight necessary to positively impact a fund’s performance. In response to this challenge, private equity groups have turned to technology for help.

What Private Companies Should Know When Adopting the New Revenue Standard

Although calendar year-end companies are required to adopt the new Revenue Recognition standard (ASC 606) as of the beginning of this year, many have deferred implementation activities until nearer to their financial reporting deadlines. While understandable, preparing well in advance for the switch is critical as developing and executing an implementation plan will likely require more time than anticipated.

SPAC Mergers: Navigating the Latest Trend in the Capital Markets

Companies are increasingly turning to special purpose acquisition companies, commonly known as SPACs, as an attractive alternative to access capital markets.  While this path is not new, its popularity has recently been skyrocketing. But as with any new trend, companies need to be aware of the complexities and potential pitfalls before jumping on board.