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Riveron brings a unique perspective on transactions, business transformation and accounting advisory developed through guiding our clients in times of high growth and distress, integrations and separations.

Accounting for Conversion from On-Premise to Cloud for Software Companies

Riveron experts discuss the complexities of contract modifications within the context of ASC 606 as many SaaS providers offer software companies the option to convert their current on-prem subscription contracts to later in the contract term.

Three Ways Companies Can Prepare for the Libor Transition

The shift away from Libor will affect companies in different ways. Knowing how an organization is affected by the current benchmark and devising a robust strategy will be crucial to preventing disruptions and unexpected impacts on earnings. First appearing in CFO, Riveron’s experts weigh in on three ways that companies can best prepare.

Utilizing ASC 842 Lease Accounting Adoption as a Catalyst for Spend Reduction

While many companies are devoting time and resources to comply with the new lease accounting standard (ASC 842), few are utilizing the adoption process as an opportunity to review their spend and implement transformative cost-saving measures.

Webinar: Understanding and Preparing for CECL

CECL, the new accounting standard for credit losses, will have significant impacts on how financial institutions record expected losses. In this webinar, Riveron experts provide an overview of the new standard and explain core concepts.

Exploring Capital Markets Options: SPACs vs IPOs

Riveron explores the differences between SPAC mergers and an IPO. Here’s what you need to know about timing, marketing, compliance, and cost for both.

Three Ways to Hit Your IPO Pricing Window

For many companies preparing to go public, the biggest opportunity that can result from proper planning and execution is timing their offering to hit the anticipated optimal pricing window. In an article first appearing in Accounting today, Riveron experts weigh in  on the steps companies can take to prepare for a pricing window and successfully time the IPO.

Preparing for an Extended Lease Accounting Adoption Deadline

With FASB’s recent vote to extend the deadline for ASC 842 adoption, companies may have until January 2021 to comply with the new lease accounting standard. Riveron experts weigh in on why management teams should use this opportunity to critically access their readiness #leaseaccounting

Direct Public Offerings: What You Need to Know

Companies are increasingly turning to direct public offerings (DPOs) as an alternative method for entering the capital markets. Riveron explores this growing trend and breaks down what you need to know before deciding whether a DPO is right for your company.

Webinar: The Hidden Benefits of ASC 842

Adopting ASC 842 is not simply a compliance exercise; it is an opportunity to take advantage of hidden benefits such as vendor rationalization and spend reduction.

Riveron Expands Executive Team

Riveron announced that it will expand its executive team with the addition of industry experts Anand Raghuraman and Jason Gandy, who have recently joined the firm as executive managing directors in the New York City and Chicago offices, respectively.