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Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and logistics is a mature industry dealing with sweeping changes and rising costs on an increasingly global scale. As customer spending moves online, logistics providers are delivering smaller packages to the end customer.  This requires heavy investments in technology and large-scale warehouses. Additionally, transportation and logistics is still a relatively fragmented industry and very few companies offer the end-to-end services that customers require. All of these changes are forcing a more seamless, higher-quality delivery solution which creates challenges for industry participants at large.

We partner with transportation and logistics companies to enable technology and automation, support aggressive M&A strategies, identify and implement profitability improvement initiatives and optimize the back office to ensure financial and accounting accuracy. Riveron has deep experience optimizing the entire supply chain to reduce costs and free up cash while enhancing the customer experience transportation and logistics companies must deliver in the modern world.

Key transportation and logistics areas we serve include:

  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Trucking and rail
  • Air
  • Sea and ports
  • Third-party logistics (3PL)


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CPM for Building Products Distributor

A public distributor of building products across the United States and Canada was needing support with a CPM implementation.

Riveron evaluated the current state processes and systems used for financial consolidation and reporting while creating the business requirements for the future state solution. Then, Riveron developed an RFP for Corporate Performance Management software and managed the entire software selection process including the selection vendors based on key requirements, vendor scorecard measurements, and contract negotiations.

After the final vendor selection, Riveron transitioned to a implementation team for an on-time and on-budget delivery of the chosen solution.

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