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Manufacturing and Industrial Products

Manufacturing and industrial products is one of the most mature industries globally, but sweeping changes in technology, automation and globalization have forced companies to evolve at a rapid pace. Companies must invest in more M&A, big data, information technology systems and other strategic initiatives than ever to stay competitive on the global landscape.

Riveron partners with clients ranging from startups to global leaders in a variety of manufacturing settings to improve operations and finance functions to support sustained growth. Leveraging our deep manufacturing and supply chain experience we ensure transparency into and analyze metrics surrounding direct and indirect product costs, fixed versus variable costs, capital expenditures, make vs buy analysis and other key performance indicators.  By developing, implementing and improving our clients’ processes, leading technology enablement projects and providing a full suite of back-office accounting leadership and transformation services, we drive our clients to prepare for change.

Key manufacturing and industrial product areas we serve include:

  • Heavy industrial
  • Energy-adjacent products
  • Building materials
  • Medical devices
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Automotive
  • Food and beverage
  • Chemical and petrochem
  • Wood and forest products

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Riveron manages carve-out and IPO readiness for new company

A €30 billion German cement and aggregates company chose to divest its non-core building products business line, Lehigh Hanson. The Company engaged Riveron to assist with a dual-track divestiture, including carve-out and conversion from IFRS to US GAAP, subsequent public registration and liaison of the dual-track sale process for the Company’s negotiations with private equity investors. We managed the separation strategy to stand up the carved-out entity, assisted with SOX readiness, provided technical guidance, and produced SEC-compliant financial statements. Ultimately, Riveron publicly filed the Company’s registration statement with the SEC on an aggressive timeline and assisted with the sale of the Company at a favorable price.

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