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Educational Technology and Suppliers

The education industry is rapidly changing on a global scale, and its service providers are being asked to innovate to better meet the evolving needs of students. The educational technology and supplier industry is constantly weighing impact and efficacy versus costs and looks to its partners for help on how best to grow and obtain a competitive edge.

Riveron helps companies in the educational technology and supply industry by finding ways to keep costs down, implementing new systems that provide access to knowledge and streamline administrative processes, exploring and executing organic and inorganic growth strategies and keeping up to date with accounting standards. Riveron is passionate about education, it is one of our philanthropic focus areas – improving the companies that make effective education possible is just as important to us.

Key educational technology & supplier areas we serve include:

  • Education technology (EdTech)
  • Education supply providers
  • Online preparation and learning
  • Online payment solutions
  • Publishers

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