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Aerospace, Defense, & Government Services

Companies in the Aerospace, Defense and Government Services industries are challenged by a variety of economic and regulatory requirements.

The commercial aerospace industry has been in a nearly continuous upcycle since 2004, as global passenger demand has steadily grown; now, they must contend with the largest downturn in commercial aerospace history as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. The pandemic and its economic ripple effects have wide-reaching implications across the entire industry, impacting airlines, manufacturers, maintenance organizations, and more. Our blend of industry expertise as well as our proven track record in restructuring, business optimization, and financial advisory services makes us uniquely positioned to assist clients as they encounter the change and challenges felt throughout the industry today.

Government and defense contractors must not only comply with standard reporting and regulatory requirements but face an additional burden to comply with an ever-changing regulatory environment, including strict government audits and complex cost accounting standards. Additionally, defense companies must navigate a dynamic global landscape with disrupted supply chains, fluctuating demand, and global competition. We help companies to navigate challenging consolidations, complex accounting matters, strategic cost-saving initiatives, and to stay ahead of the curve with supply chain optimization and financial planning and analysis services.

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